FINALLY the Formula for Great Golf

We golfers are constantly looking for that miracle fix to improve our scores. Let’s just take a reality check instead of wasting our time. The golf swing and equipment has been refined over the past 500 years. After all this time the best golfers must be getting close to the ideal swing but they are all unique.  It’s amazing that we can recognize the distinctly different swing of the most famous pros without seeing their faces.

Rule #1 Accept the fact that professional golfers have a basic technique which we should adopt if we ever want to improve our game.  [Swing with a straight leading arm, lag your release from the inside, impact the ball up the target line to a balanced finish.]

Hank Haney ran a golf swing training series called The Haney Project on the Golf Channel with Ray Romano, Rush Limbaugh and Charles Barkley. Each of them had their own swing demons or physical limitations. After hours of lessons and hitting thousands of golf balls each of these celebrities made some improvement. Surprisingly their improvements were noticeable but limited.

Rule #2 Accept the fact that your game can improve to the limitations of your mind and body.  [It takes time to change but you have to work at it.]

Many books have been written about ways to improve your game. Many of them present some pretty crazy ideas in order to sell books. I saw one recently called “Lowest Score Wins”. Sounded like a good plan. Then the introduction said: “putting might be the least important skill in golf, driving the ball far is much more important than driving it straight and that Phil Mickelson might just be the best strategist on the PGA Tour?”     This stuff is Rubbish!

Rule #3 Stick with the proven objectives of golf and you will be on the right track: (a) putting can be 50% of your shots so work on it (b) hitting from the fairway is much easier than in the rough and (c) hitting the ball more consistently (rather than farther) can cut your fairway strokes in half. Straight and consistent is far more important than long and ugly.

Take lessons to determine the right swing for your mind and body.  Hold that thought and enjoy your game.

Take lessons to determine the right swing for your mind and body. Hold that thought and enjoy your game.

You have a unique mind and body. Professionals can tell you where you are making your setup or swing mistakes SO TAKE LESSONS. Understand what is destroying your swing. Get back to basics. Practice with GOLFSTR+ to hone your skills because a correct setup, upper body rotation, wrist lag, hip press, impact up the target line and a balanced finish WILL BREED SUCCESS.  (sounds like something that Michael Breed would say.)

TIP FOR SUCCESS: At the British Open you may have seen Zack Johnson constantly referring to his note book. In addition to verses from the Bible for positive thoughts he has a list of key swing thoughts for his setup and his game. He plays conservatively to eliminate the bogeys, knowing that the birdies will happen.  Why not list your key swing thoughts and read them over to calm and focus your mind  when you are on the course.

Take lessons, exercise for flexibility, buy a GOLFSTR+ swing training aid to practice Every Swing in YOUR Game and write out your key swing thoughts. These are the keys for your future success. Ask for GOLFSTR+ at your local golf retailer or buy one on our website at


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