Don’t Swing Faster – – Swing Smarter!

Do you ever wonder why Hank Haney releases so many swing blogs telling us to swing faster not harder? This is really confusing. Sean Foley is another pro with a better description to get more distance: “Increase your club head speed” (using lag and delayed release). For most recreational golfers the John Daly approach to “grip it and rip it”, just does not work. To swing SMARTER for more power and distance, you have to let your hips BUMP forward to start your downswing as you hold your wrist lag.

So many golfers don’t understand the importance of lag or how to create lag. I’ve seen macho golfers create just as much whooshing sound in their back swing as they do in their down swing. Their high speed backswing is NOT helping. Your Hip BUMP and LAG are the keys for more power and distance during your transition.

Rhythm and Transition:
If you rush your transition at the top of your swing, your swing plane will be from “OVER THE TOP” and outside to inside causing a slice. You will also lose your timing to BUMP (or sway) your leading hips up your target line as your club head starts to change from the back to the down swing. If you don’t rush your transition you can feel your body sway slightly in the direction of the hit at thetop of your backswing. The BUMP, positions your body forward to move your swing arc forward and bottom out your fairway metals, hybrids and irons in the turf AFTER YOU HIT THE BALL.

Patrick Reed has a minimal BUMP as he starts his swing with his hips and pull down with his arms well before he releases his wrists.  (His impact at the Ryder Cup was incredible.)

Lag Trick:
Lag is your ability to hold the 90 degree angle between your leading arm and your club shaft until you release your wrists to whip your club head through impact. [That is where your SMART SWING SPEED comes from.] If you have poor flexibility and can’t hold your lag position, just loosen your trailing hand grip. (Ben Hogan practiced with a 2 fingered trailing hand grip and you should too.) When you loosen your trailing hand grip, it’s easier to pull and hold the shaft to a 90 degree bend from your straight leading arm.

Finish your swing in a balance position. Patrick Reed does it to control the power in his swing.

Finish your swing in a balance position. Patrick Reed does it to control the power in his swing.

Avoid Thin or Fat Hits:
To maintain a consistent distance from your neck to the ball throughout your backswing and return to the point of impact, you need to keep your leading arm straight throughout the swing. Don’t straighten your back or bob your head during the swing. During the downswing first focus on the bump and rotation of your hips, then shoulders and finally the downswing of your leading straight arm.

Crack the Whip for Club Head Speed
Don’t swing faster, swing smarter by slowing down your backswing, creating lag and releasing your wrist lag as you reach your point of impact. Yes, crack the whip. To learn this trick, turn a club upside down and hold the shaft with both hands. Try swinging it to create a whooshing sound at the bottom of your swing. To create the whoosh you need to cock your wrists (don’t bend your leading elbow) when you wind up. Now swing and practice creating the whooshing sound at the bottom of your swing.

Now hold your club correctly and swing to create the same whooshing sound with the head of your club at the bottom of your swing. You can’t create the sound without cocking your wrists and releasing them at the bottom of your swing. Your arms don’t have to move any faster but your wrist release will create the speed of your club head. That’s where your club head speed and power come from.

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