Don’t Just Grip IT and Rip IT!

Do you ever follow a slice with a duck hook? How can this happen when you think you are gripping your club exactly the same way each time you step up to the ball? Well I have news for you. Give you head a shake. You are changing your setup and you don’t even realize it.

Consistency in your setup and your mental attitude can really change each swing in your game. If you don’t sort out why you are hitting great shots then you will never figure out where your bad shots are coming from. YOUR correct setup with consistent tension in your arms and hands will produce consistent shots. Every person has a different muscle strength and physique so you need to figure out the right grip and setup for YOUR body and then lock it into your memory bank.

1/ Standing too close or too far from the ball will really mess up your brain. [You need a comfortable swing path because your hand to eye coordination is trying to make corrections every time you step up to the ball.]

2/ After watching one of you playing partners slam an extra-long drive, do you rev up your mind to a new gear to add extra power and speed to match that distance? [Extra swing speed is just changing the coordination of your complete swing. Don’t do it!]
3/ Are you gripping your club tighter because you want to compensate for your last miss-hit. [A tighter grip causes tension and shortens the muscles in your arm causing miss-hits off the toe of your club.]
4/ Are you changing your trailing hand to a stronger or weaker grip without realizing what is working for you? [You may be adding a hook or a slice to your next hit.]
5/ Are you forgetting to follow-through so that you club face stays open causing a slice. [When you know that you have too much club, you may be backing off your swing and minimizing your follow-through and causing a slice.]
Golf is a game of perfection with consistent swing tempo. If you don’t stay consistently relaxed with a consistent grip pressure and a consistent follow-through, then you are the cause of those hits left and right.


Ernie Els has such an effortless swing.  Keep YOUR mental picture throughout your game.

Ernie Els has such an effortless swing. Keep YOUR mental picture throughout your game.

Develop a relaxed, consistent hit at the driving range before you play. Make adjustments until you hit clean shots. Find out what works for your body on any given day and stick with it throughout your game. Don’t try to duplicate John Daly or Bubba Watson or Tiger Woods.
a/ Check your posture, distance from the ball and speed of your backswing, transition and acceleration.
b/ Pay attention to the grip position of your trailing hand. Is it strong or weak?
c/ What was your grip pressure? A mid-level pressure avoids tension.

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