Control Your Tempo to Control Your Game

Easier said than done. How does your mind slow down your backswing and execute the rhythm to add power to your swing? We have the ideal solution to blank-out extra thoughts and add the proper tempo to your swing. Avoiding a Wandering Mind and adding Backswing Actions are the keys to the future success for consistency in your swing.

I realized that I was on the right track when I started my new season of winter golf in Florida. I read a simple golf tip by Sean Zak a senior writer for the blog who referred to the “Hideki-esque” move. Hideki Matsuyama has changed his swing from an actual pause at the top to a slow transition. Most golfers lose their tempo when they jerk or rush the transition. All of the power in your swing comes from the down swing so there is no need to rush your backswing up to the top!

Hideki actually slows down his transition but he never stops moving. Rushing at the top destroys your swing so we should all try this slowdown at the top.

You can enjoy the benefits of a Hideki-esque transition as long as you control your mind AND execute a critical windup sequence.

1/ Eliminate a Wondering Mind
I have covered this in many previous blogs but you will improve your tempo and focus if you mentally repeat the following words during your backswing: “1 annnd 2”. If you say these words in your mind you will not be able to say or think any other thoughts. Buy saying these words you will slow down the tempo of your backswing.
-Say “1” to start your WIDE takeaway as your hips and shoulders rotate.
-Say “annnd” as you flatten your leading wrist and add lag at the top of your swing.
-Say “2” as you accelerate your downswing.

2/ Take Your Time to Build your Backswing Actions.
Hank Haney
often points out that you need to impact your ball with a square face to eliminate slice. The critical motion is to take a wide backswing (without swaying your head or body) and add a shallowing loop at the top of your swing. This is just a natural motion when you flatten your leading wrist and add lag to your club by cocking your wrist 90 degrees.

Dustin Johnson and Michelle Wie West set their wrists in a lag position at the start of their takeaway. Of course Dustin also adds a bowed wrist (instead of a flat wrist). I’m just adding options that you may want to try but you at least need to build in a flat leading wrist and lag during you deliberately SLOOOOW Hideki-esque backswing.

If you practice a wide takeaway with a flat wrist and add lag at the top, you can easily build this pattern in your mind, ESPECIALLY when you do it SLOOOWLY. Make sure you practice your backswing using your GOLFSTR+ as a reminder to keep your leading arm straight. Buy one today at


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