Control Your Mind and Win Against YOURSELF

If you treat your round of golf as a game against YOURSELF, you can win every time. Your environment and your golfing partners are not your competition. Golf is an individual game where you are totally in control of the outcome. You control every shot so it’s up to you to not let others or your environment control your game.   So set your mind to control your game and to make every shot an improvement over the last one.

First you need to understand why hazards attract balls? Actually they don’t but it appears that they do. When you start worrying about a hazard, your body starts to tighten up and your muscles shorten your arms. You can aim away from the hazard but your tight and shortened arms may still top or toe the ball into the hazard. Your tight grip may also close the face of the club so that you pull the shot into the rough on the other side of the fairway. Don’t let this happen!

Remember that every swing of your club is a chance to improve your game. Do it for yourself and enjoy your game.

Remember that every swing of your club is a chance to improve your game. Do it for yourself and enjoy your game.

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MIND TO WIN AGAINST YOURSELF: A tense body will destroy your swing. Recognizing this will allow you to free yourself from your golf demons. A lose grip and relaxed swing will win every time. Don’t rush your swing. Let your club accelerate from the transition to create your power.

I recently saw a blog by Golf Info Guide sponsored by Thomas Golf which described a plan to help you win against yourself. They broke the game down into 3 areas: Tee Shot, Approach Shots and Patience.


Tee Shots
-These are your longest shots so set yourself up to allow your normal draw or fad to land in the fairway.
-Avoid penalties such as Out of Bounds (white stakes), water hazards or a fairway bunker.
-Decide on the best location to approach the green and plan your shots for the best approach to avoid bunkers and heavy ruff.

Fairway Shots
-For long approach shots, hit short of green side bunkers or to the easiest approach side of the green.
-Club selection, alignment and distance are all critical. Take a practice swing to get the right swing feel.
-When hitting for the green remember: LOW SIDE WINS.  Hitting the center of the green is always a good shot but putting with speed from below the hole is always easier than putting downhill.

-One mistake or missed swing can cause the next mistake. So don’t rush your next shot.
-Get over it. You can save a lot of strokes if you just slow down and prepare for your next shot.
– Recover from a mistake. Change your club and go through a methodical lineup for your next hit.

Getting uptight will ruin your game. Decide that you are playing against your inner self. Ben Hogan said that “the most important shot in golf is your next one”. No matter whatever you did on your last shot, look at your next shot as a challenge to ensure that you avoid potential problems to cut strokes.

If you control your mind and temperament, you can save many shots in every round. Missed shots will happen, BUT DON’T WASTE THE NEXT ONE. Accept your punishment and put your next shot in a great position to improve your chances to land on the green for your next shot.

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