Confident Swings Improve Putting Success

I loved reading a recent article about Brooks Koepka’s recent and past success at the US Open Tournaments. If you are hitting great shots where you focus on the right swing, your confidence and success will just grow. It’s easy for the pros to get this feeling but recreational players just look forward to hitting 2 or 3 perfect swings on every hole. Of course the mishits creep in but you will only shoot great rounds if you can forget about your last mishit and focus on your next great shot.

“The most important shot in golf is your next one.” Ben Hogan

That article highlighted 3 areas where Brooks picks up stokes on the field:
1/ Analyze each shot to understand where your best miss will be. (A long putt is much better than trying to hit out of a pond.)
2/ Brooks plays to avoid double bogies. (It’s OK to hit a sand trap but make sure that you next shot stays on the green.)
3/ He putts with confidence so his mid-length and short putts are firm and into the back of the cup. (Weak putts curl as they slow near the hole. Practice with enough speed to pass the hole by 2 feet and eliminate a lot of the break at the hole to sink more putts.)

The most important area of our games where we can easily drop more strokes is PUTTING. Most of us average 2 putts/hole or 36 putts/round. Unfortunately the rest of your game would have to be perfect to shoot a 72. Fat chance!

That’s exactly why I write so many blogs about putting. If you don’t have a confident putting grip and stroke you will never lower your scores. This week I received an interesting response from one of our followers from the West Coast of Australian (NSW), about a new putting grip that helped him win his club championship. Phil Parker has never putted better now that he is using his “Y Grip” Putting Stroke.

[Will Curry: “I tried the “Y Grip” and I was impressed with my very solid grip and swing up my target line with my 34” putter and just wanted to share it with all of our followers.”]

Arm-lock putting with a V-Grip to firm up your grip without tightening up the muscles in your arms.

Phil uses a 40” Odyssey V line Armlock Mallet Head Putter and he also uses the same grip with a fairway Metal when putting out of deep grass to avoid getting caught in the grass. His comment: “I’ve never putted better”.

Just to summarize: Learn to putt with a firm and confident swing to pass the hole by 2 feet. The “Y Grip” is really a solid grip and it definitely prevents any wrist break in your putting stroke. Of course GOLFSTR+ is also a great training aid with 1 of its 6 swing fixes being that it helps you practice a flat wrist putt and see your great results. Buy one today at

Golf Truism #64: Since bad shots come in groups of three, a fourth bad shot is actually the beginning of the next group of three.