Change Your Game and Lower Your Scores !

In a recent news letter I saw the quote that “most golfers reach a level of golf after 3 years and stay at that level the rest of their golfing lives.”  How depressing is that?  Is your handicap going up, down or staying the same?

Benjamin Franklin has been quoted as saying “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting it to come out different”.  It doesn’t matter who came up with this truism but it really does make sense. Are you ready to shake up your game? What are the options that you should consider?

This blog on Swing Tips has now been published over 160 times. We hope that the tips that we find and share with you, will somehow shake up your brain and give you a fresh start to improve your game. Of course we hope that you will also purchase a GOLFSTR+ with 6 swing solutions as a brain trainer to:
First: learn how to improve all 6 of the swing conditions.
Second: practice the new and improved motion in order to “swing like a pro”
Third: to focus on testing the results on the golf course to lower your score.

Miguel Angel Jimenez never stops stretching to avoid injury. Pain will slow you down and sometimes it's the best thing for your game. It was for mine.

Miguel Angel Jimenez never stops stretching to avoid injury. Pain will slow you down and sometimes it’s the best thing for your game. It was for mine.

I have to admit that after improving my handicap by 8 strokes using GOLFSTR+, I have hit a plateau. I have been using the excuse that I don’t have time for practice and to play more golf. It took an injury to help me understand that swinging faster and harder was hurting my game.

I suffered a rib injury during a fall while playing tennis. I had to stop playing tennis but found that I could still swing a golf club at a slower speed but still with a reasonable amount of shoulder and hip rotation. With the help of this hyperlink, I was able to regain my momentum and started to focus on my game. By letting the club do the work [without extra force from my arms] I quickly learned that:
1/ Excessive Swing Speed was hurting my consistency in hitting fairways and greens.
2/ Slowing down the tempo at the transition in my backswing was improving the whipping action for more power and distance.
3/ Gripping down on a lower lofted club allowed me to swing with confidence to improve the direction of each hit.

With the help of BARRY DEACON LAW, this injury has given me a solution to lower my scores by playing more consistently. Now that I am keeping my ball in the fairway and hitting more greens I need to develop my 6th sense to putt with more consistency. A fatter grip on my putter seems to be a great solution to improve the other half of my game. More on that next week!

Improve the tempo for the lag and whipping action in your golf swing. Practice with GOLFSTR+ to get it right. Buy one today at



  • You CAN improve YOUR golf until the end OF YOUR Life. I’m over 81 And playing better than ever. Even if my physical condition is not as good as when I was a young Man. (I play to a 7 Handicap) True, my distance off the TEE has shortened but my short game has more than compensated for that. Swing with fine tempo is much better than swinging fast: pause at the top before going in the downswing and push hard off YOUR right instep.

  • Bill says:

    Raymond, you are the perfect example of the way to improve your golf game. Thank you once again for your comments and experience.