Are Your Clubs Killing Your Game

As we age our bodies change. Most of us are not active enough to remain as flexible and strong as a 20 year old.  As you lose flexibility and strength, your old golf clubs may hurting your game. Fortunately the technology in golf club design is improving. If you want to enjoy this game as you age, you should try out a variety of clubs to see what you are missing.

I have recently been renting golf clubs while traveling. I thought I was just saving time and energy hauling clubs around but it was actually giving me the opportunity to experiment with different clubs. Hitting balls off a mat at a golf retailer is just not the same as testing clubs on a golf course. You really should see the flight of the ball as you take your divot on real grass. These are things that you should be concerned about:

Dump your old clubs. They may be killing your game.

Dump your old clubs. They may be killing your game.

Club Weight
I had a bad experience with some heavy steel shaft clubs in Bermuda. The golf was wonderful but it took me 8 holes to sort out the problem. I just did not have the wrist strength to handle the clubs. I finally adjusted my tempo and parred 6 of the last 10 holes.

If your grips are worn out or your glove is old, you are  losing the opportunity to loosen you grip. As you tighten your grip to hold on to your club, your arm muscles tighten and shorten. This creates 2 problems. First you lose your ability to snap your wrists through impact. Tight arm muscles will also shorten your reach causing topped balls.

Another lesson learned: I tried playing without a glove on a humid day and almost lost my club in a lake as my sweaty hands slipped on the grip. That was almost an expensive mistake.

Offset Clubs:
If you are playing with offset clubs you may be compensating for a swing flaw that you have eliminated. Clubs with an offset head are like a crutch for your game. When you figure out how to swing properly from the inside, you really need to get some conventional clubs and get your game back on track.

Strength and Flexibility
As you age and lose your strength and flexibility, you should consider lighter, fiberglass, flexible, shafts for more whipping action to increase you club head speed. This solution may not be ideal for your first test because you will need to change your transition and tempo to enjoy the benefit of these flexible clubs.

Changing clubs is not an easy process. Take your time. Check out as many options as you can before you make your decision. Whatever you chose, remember to keep practicing with GOLFSTR+ and get your tempo right. Buy one today at



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