Amazing Brain Tricks That Work

Golf is a mental game. We don’t really understand why a streak of low scoring holes will happen but it has to do with our minds. An aura of confidence takes over our bodies so that a streak of pars and birdies just start happening. We should all be watching for the changes that we make or the actions we take to change our mental outlook. It has to be caused by something more than GOOD LUCK.

Here are 3 tricks that that you should try. There is really NO reasonable explanation why they work as our brains must be reacting and giving us confidence to execute a series of swings that help us par or birdie holes.

LOCK YOUR BRAIN ON A POINT: Jack Nicklaus always talks about focusing on a very specific target. Of course he is referring to his drives and iron shots.

I found that this works for PUTTING too. After I read the green, choose my target point and rehearse my practice swing for distance, I step up to the ball and STARE at my target point for at least 2 to 3 seconds, then STARE back at the ball for 2 seconds and swing by rocking my shoulders (with locked wrists). You must duplicate your exact practice swing and don’t follow your ball with your eyes. Initially staring at my target seems to burn an image like a laser target in my brain for both the distance and the line of the putt. I have no explanation for this. Very weird but I sink more short and long putts as long as I choose the right target point.

My wife Mary has always told me that her success in putting comes from a deep inhale and then exhale before she putts. June 3rd, 2017 she shot her first hole-in-one and skipped the putting.

EXHALE AND PUTT: Jason Dufner won the Memorial Golf Tournament using his newly found trick. He has always had problems with short putts. He recently adopted the trick used by military snipers. Inhale, exhale and shoot. In Dufner’s case he exhales before he makes his putting stroke. This is a very minor change in his routing but breathing is one less motion that must have been disturbing his putting motion. We should all try this. It can hurt.

KNOW YOUR CLUB DISTANCE AND THEN UP-CLUB: Mike Bender is a pro who played a lot of Pro-Am’s before tournaments. He saw that recreational players don’t handle pressure shots too well. We choose the club that we think our “perfect swing” will reach the green. Invariably our perfect swing rarely happens under pressure. When we need to make the perfect approach shot, there is a high percentage chance that we will hit our ball fat and short or blade it long and across the green. He recommends using 1 more club and swinging in control to hit the perfect distance. Works for me!

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