More Accurate Putting in 2 Seconds?

I laughed when I saw this title in an article by a PGA Professional Mike Dero, Director of Golf at Quail Creek Country Club in Naples, FL. DON’T LAUGH, a Quiet Eye and a Quiet Mind add up to confident putts. Research by Professor Joan Vickers in 1996 found that a “Quiet” or focused eye can improve the putting performance of highly skilled tour putters and weekend warriors too. It only takes a 2 second look at the target and 2 seconds of focus on your ball.

The longer your eyes can focus on a spot the better your aim and depth perception. There seems to be 2 reasons:
1/ When your eyes move, you head, shoulders and torso can move with them, causing a change in your putting direction.
2/ The Quiet Eye is the prime indicator of a quiet mind. “A quiet mind is not stressed, anxious or jumpy. It is calm and confident and has clarity of purpose – as in your focus to just roll the ball in the hole.”

Focus 2 seconds at the end of your target line to feel the distance and then 2 seconds on a dimple on your ball to calm your mind.

Research has found that we look at up to seven different targets before putting. This active eye confuses and muddles your mind.

To apply this in golf you actually need to focus for 2 seconds on your target point and then back to your ball to focus for 2 seconds on a dimple on the center line near the back of your ball (your point of impact). The more definite and engaged you are on these points, the better the results.

By gazing for 2 seconds on both the target and then your ball, this allows the body enough time to organize the unconscious process to perform a stroke to the target.

You should practice your putting stroke with a flat leading wrist using your GOLFSTR+ as you rock your shoulders (and putter) up the target line. Ideally you should keep your Quiet Eye focused, on the spot where your ball sat, up to a second after impact. Your input for the putt is complete at the instant of impact so there is no need to move your head or your eyes until your ball is well on its way to the hole. Practice with GOLFSTR+ for every swing in your game. Buy one today at


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