Cameron Champ is like a New Sunrise in Golf !

In last week’s Swing Tip we offered to expose the critical factors to make you a great golfer. We focused on the limited importance of your weight, height and age on your swing performance. As it turned out there are many examples of professional golfers who break the barriers for weight, height and age. The good news is that any golfer, including you, can be the world’s best golfer with the the right model for a swing and the right physical training.

Sean Foley was hired by Tiger Woods to convert his aging and very successful swing back to its winning form. Unfortunately Tiger still had a lot of physical and mental baggage. Sean had some success in getting Tiger back in shape but he did an even better job by working with Cameron Champ from the age of 14. Cameron had talent at a young age but Sean was able to turn him into a consistent long ball MACHINE.

Cameron Champ loops his club down to a lower plane from the top of his transition to generate more club head speed.

Tony Finau is one of the longer drivers on the Pro Tour. He commented at a driving competition in Utah where Cameron Champ was consistently hitting 400 yards and landing in the target fairway. Tony was amazed at how long and accurate each of Champs shots were. He is only 23 and short at 6-feet tall as compared to the competition but he out-drove the field. He commented that Cameron’s club head speed created the distance because his swing is efficient, his body is flexible and he consistently hit in the center to the face of his driver.

Champ has a wide takeaway that loops down about 10 inches at the top. He then swings down a lower plane and up the inside slot through his target line. He must have a light grip as his balls typically fly in a straight path. A wide takeaway with a slight loop at the top will definitely stop you from swinging over the top and slicing the ball.  TRY IT, YOU’LL LIKE IT!

Cameron Champ keeps his eyes on the ball, even well after impact, to drive his square club face directly up the target line.

To help you hit more consistently on the center of your club face, make sure that you focus your eyes on the ball. Most of the pros keep looking at the ball location after impact when putting and chipping. Cameron makes sure that he never lifts his head off the ball during every golf swing to ensure that he connects perfectly on the center of the face. Every great athlete who plays sports with a ball, including Roger Federer, focuses their eyes on the point of impact and you should too.

Very few long ball driving champions ever become Tour Professionals because their percentage in hitting fairways is too low. Cameron Champ has the complete package for driving distance to the fairway, greens in regulation and a low putts per green average. He is already a new top 100 contender and will give Tiger and the rest of the top 10 boys a run for their money in 2019.

I expect Tiger Woods, Brooks Koepka, Rory McIlroy, Jordon Spieth and Justin Rose to be dominant players and winners in 2019 but Cameron Champ will be in there working his way to the top of that list.

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