Tiger’s NOT Over the Hill !

On May 2, 2018 I released a blog titled: Is Tiger Over the Hill at 42?   In that blog I made the following statement:

Prediction:  Tiger Will Win (if not this week, soon)
Tigers returns to Quail Hollow and the PGA Tour’s Wells Fargo Championship this week in Charlotte, N.C. His last win was on this course in 2007. It was his 57th career victory. The then-31-year-old Woods finished with a 13-under 275, the lowest score in the history of the tournament at that time. I’m expecting at least a top 3 finish this week for Tiger.

Tiger’s victory walk on the 18th at the Tour Championship was one for the history books. It’s Golf the way it used to be appreciated.

My prediction has finally come true.  With that Tour Championship win yesterday he almost won the FedEx Cup at the same time if Justin Rose had not made that birdie on the 18th hole.  How exciting for both of them.

This is a major milestone for golf and will only add to the attention for the Ryder Cup.  Did you see the size of the audience.  Looked like the good old days of Jack Nicklaus & Arnold Palmer or even Ben Hogan.

I hope you are all back on the bandwagon?


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