The Baseball Swing is NOT a Golf Swing

Ben Hogan was not instantly a great golfer. It took him years to figure out a golf swing that would give him a winning game. He also practiced until his hands bled. His frustration started with our natural tendency to swing a golf club the way that we swing a stick to hit a stone or a bat to hit a ball. After he figured out how to consistently hit a golf ball and to control for direction and distance, he knew it was not a natural swing.   The golf swing had to be learned and practiced before anyone can ever become a good golfer. That’s why he made this famous quote:

“Reverse every natural instinct and do the opposite of what you are inclined to do and you will probably come close to having a perfect golf swing.”

Focus on these changes to become a better golfer:
Remain square over the ball during the backswing with your feet firmly planted. In baseball the body shifts back to build momentum as it shifts forward during the hit. This motion in golf will just create inconsistent hits.

Your leading arm should be straight during the backswing and down through impact to keep a consistent distance from your shoulders to the ball. In baseball both arms are bent to create more power as they straighten during the swing.

In baseball you fall back to finish your swing

In baseball you fall back to finish your swing

Power in golf comes from cocking your wrists in the backswing (creating lag) and releasing them at the bottom of your forward swing.

In golf you shift forward to a balanced finish over your leading leg.

In golf you shift forward to a balanced finish over your leading leg.

Power in golf also comes from a fluid motion from your backswing to your forward swing as you press with your trailing foot, rotate your hips, drop your arms and FINALLY  release your wrists. In baseball your bat rests over your shoulder. It’s much heavier than a golf club so you swing it with your arms and shoulders AT THE SAME TIME AS you push through the swing with your feet.

In golf you have the opportunity to practice the perfect swing because that little ball is not moving. Then step forward and repeat the exact same swing.

In golf you need to finish your swing in a perfect balanced position on your leading foot  as there are no adjustments needed to compensate for the ball position.  In baseball the full swing pulls your body back on your trailing foot.

Your grip, relaxed mind, relaxed muscles and quiet environment really set the tone for a different game. So each time that you setup to hit a ball, realize that you are only playing this game against yourself. Take control of every swing and think of Ben Hogan preparing to make a real golf swing.

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  • I cannot say if the golf swing is very différent from a baseball swing as I have never played baseball .But I CAN say it’s very similar to swinging a sling .A sling is basically a pouch containing a Stone .The pouch is attached to two strings .When you rotate the sling over your head ,you gain momentum .Then ,at the proper time ,you let go one of the two strings ,and the Stone sails forwards .Frail DAVID Slain mighty GOLIATH with a slIng .I grew up in KENYA during WW 2 . We were ” interned ” by the ENGLISH on an Estate in the Rift VALLEY ,and I was brought up with the young MASAI children .They taught me the use of a sling .So when I swing m’y golf club ,it’s Like swirling the sling .

    • Bill says:

      In North America every kid learns to skip a flat stone over water. The whipping action is the same action as your sling action and the whipping action when you release your wrists to accelerate your club through the ball. I always love to hear your Wisdom. Thank you Raymond. Enjoy your daily golf in the French Riviera.

      Happy Golfing Will Curry

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