24.1 Million US Golfers Are On the Right Track

Since 2011, according to the National Golf Foundation, the number of US golfers has only dropped an average of 1.6 % per year. That’s a lot less than the 2.2% drop per year between 2003 and 2011. Golf is still a thriving industry for those of us who love the opportunity to challenge ourselves while we exercise our minds and bodies in an amazing environment.

Recent Headline News
Adidas is trying to divest itself of its golf holdings (TaylorMade who bought Adams for $70 Mil.)
Nike has decided to stop selling golf clubs and balls so that they can focus on all sports apparel.
-The Edwin Watts golf stores was sold to World Wide Golf Stores.
Dick’s Sporting Goods recently eliminated golf pros from their 550 stores.
Golf Town bought Golfsmith and now they are looking for a buyer or planning to restructure.
Glen Abbey Golf Club, Home of the Canadian Open, plans to sell to a housing developer in 2017

What a beautiful way to end a day. Make sure you pose and enjoy every wonderful shot.

What a beautiful way to end a day. Make sure you pose and admire every wonderful shot.

The Good News!
– There are still about 34,000 golf courses in the world and almost half of them are in USA.
– As fewer young golfers take up this sport the cost of golf is dropping.
– There are more great deals to enjoy by selecting tee times on www.GolfNow.com & www.UnderPar.com
– Private and Public Golf Clubs are offering wonderful deals to attract you to their courses.
– Golf will be confirmed as an Olympic Sport as a result of its success this year. The viewing audience almost equaled the Masters.
– Jack Nicklaus said that golf balls are now designed to hit much further so keep buying new balls.
– Tiger (40) will be back next year to keep Jason (28), Dustin (32), Henrik (40) Jordan (23), Rory (27) Rickie (27) and Bubba (37) on their toes.
– But look at the ages of the leaders in the LPGA: Lydia Ko (19), Ariya Jutanugarn (20) and Brooke Henderson (18), 5’4” with a driving average of 268 yards.

If you have discovered the challenge of golf as an excellent way to bond with friends in the great outdoors, HAVE WE GOT NEWS FOR YOU.

You can sink exactly the same number of putts as the pros with any shape of putter whether it cost $40 or $400. Practice because it’s all in your head and putting swing.

Putting almost counts for half the strokes in your game so spend more time practicing your putting and use GOLFSTR+ to learn to putt with a flat wrist.

Enjoy your game by playing from the tees where you can hit the green in regulation.

Stay on the short stuff.  If you need to hit 4 shots with a 7 iron and then 1 putt for you par: Just do it!

Golf is a challenging sport and you know the emotion that it stirs when you split a fairway with a perfect drive. Remember to hold that finishing pose and enjoy the moment.  Seize the Day!

If you want to bring more joy back to your game and hit more of those perfect drives, hit more greens in regulation and chip close for more 1 putt greens you should start practicing with GOLFSTR+.

It gives your 6 Swing Fixes in 1 Training Aid. You can wear it while you play 18 holes as a reminder to keep your leading arm straight in your backswing and downswing through impact. Best of all it slides in your pocket or golf bag. We call it the Pocket Pro. She’s there whenever you warm up for your next round.

Unfortunately you can’t use GOLFSTR+  when you are playing any competitive rounds of golf.  It gives you an unfair advantage.  Buy one today at www.golfstr.com


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