#1 Killer in Golf: FAT CHIPS

Hitting more greens in regulation is the most important task in golf. Unfortunately recreational golfers can not expect to come anywhere close to what the pros achieve. We just don’t have the skill and finesse required to control every approach shot to the green. That’s why we need to perfect our chip and pitch shots.

For approach shots that are 130 to 200 yards we know that our percentage is reasonable but it is very common to be long, short or wide of the green. So the most important shot for recreational golfers is the pitch or chip shot to give yourself a chance for a 1 putt green. So why is it that we hit FAT CHIPS so often?

I recently saw a video on Golf-info-Guide by Thomas Golf that woke me up to our problem with chipping and pitching. You can make a perfect practice swing and skim your club across the grass.
Unfortunately as you move forward to address the ball your thoughts flash back to the last time you hit a fat chip. -Your body and arms tighten up.
-You can’t keep my hips moving and end up chunking your club into the ground short of the ball.  It’s a yip that you need to overcome.

1/ Narrow your stance because you need control NOT power.

2/ Grip down on your club for more control and shorter hits.

3/ Keep your eye on the ball.

4/ Lead your swing with the rotation of your leading hip to transfer your weight forward.

5/ If you still have problems, start with an open stance and more weight on your leading foot as you swing your club directly up your target line.

Practice with GOLFSTR+ to limit your wrist lag as you rotated through your ball.  NOTE: Practice with 1 GOLFSTR+ on the wrist that gives you the most difficulty.

Because a chip or pitch is not a power shot we tend to forget to use our full swing. I don’t mean that you need a full backswing but you do need to complete all of the mechanics of the swing. FORWARD HIP ROTATION starts your downswing and allows you to bottom out your club as you impact your ball. Make sure that you make a practice-swing by leading with your hip rotation (don’t lock-up) and then step confidently forward and complete the same motion as you chip or pitch your ball.

Limit the lag in your wrist during your backswing.  Velcro your GOLFSTR+ on your trailing arm to fit the limited lag of your wrist.  You leading wrist should be flat.  If you have problems holding it flat, just strap your GOLFSTR+ on your leading arm exactly the way to practice putting to prevent any wrist break.

You CAN overcome your FAT CHIPPING YIPS. Tiger Woods went through this same problem as he recovered from his marriage and physical problems. Practice with GOLFSTR+ to control the lag in your trailing wrist to make sure that you stay down on the swing path. Buy one today at www.GOLFSTR.com

PS: LAW #13: If it isn’t broke, try changing your grip.


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